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Our experts make a complete and comprehensive survey of your premises, number of personnel, your operational structure and methods along with related activities etc.

After that the total assessment is done pinpointing the weak point; and loop holes in the system and then the proposal is forwarded detailing your requirements which ensures to take care of all your security risks.

Apart from this special system can also be evolved by the experts to take care of your specific requirements.


The Agency has very high standards in the hiring selection process where every recruit is subjected to a very detailed psychological screening, physical fitness tests, sincerity testing procedures and the requirement of the basis educational qualifications.

With its exacting standards of pre-employment investigation and screening 3SA (Sharma Services Security Agency) finally deploys only the best personnel with unparallel expertise.


A very comprehensive training imparted by retired professionals from Defence services is the pedestal of 3SA's impressive success chart.

The outcome of this is a very competent security Guard-conforming to the high standard of 3SA and expectations of the clients, thoroughly familiar with all the aspects of security.


  1. Induction as a Guard in 3SA is made on qualifying fixed standards and the basic aptitude, intelligence, physical requirements.
  2. Selected personnel have to compulsorily undergo training courses for designation ranks conducted by qualified training managers taken from Army & pera military.
  3. The specific requirements of the clients are taken into consideration and according a system of security operations is worked out to take care of the assigned security work.
  4. Personnel being routed on yearly basis or earlier if required minimizing any chances of any type of unwanted association/ familiarization.
  5. Personnel deployed by 3SA would have no interest what so every in any type of organizational, local or regional politics.
  6. Monitoring system consists of frequent routine checks, surprise checks and mass raids which keep the personnel well turned out disciplined, attentive and alert at tall times.
  7. Clients visited confidentially by our vigilance staff to find out their views and short comings for rectification at Head Quarter level.
  8. Weightage is given to client’s choice for retaining/ transferring personnel at short notice.
  9. Private investigation and fire fighting being specialized wings of our services, we facilitate our clients with such services at reasonable and economic package.
  10. 3SA Security Personnel are trained to follow the decorum and to be hones, sincere, respectful and co-operative.
  11. 3SA at the corporate level also arranges for special assistances if required during labour unrest local problems and other emergencies by deploying and assigning experts for the specific jobs.